studio J に於ける3月からの展覧会として「川口奈々子個展-ドローイング・マニア」を開催いたします。studio J での川口の個展は、2018年に続き今回2度目となります。

Drawing mania

Drawing mania(cat)
素材:紙にインク 制作年:2019年 サイズ:53x48.5㎝

collage(in the forest)

collage(in the forest) 2020
29.7x21cm 紙にコラージュ/ collage on pape

Drawing mania(woman)

Drawing mania(woman) 2019
68.5×56.5cm 紙にインク / ink on paper














会期     2020年3月28日(土)-4月18日(土)


作家在廊日 3月28日、4月11日、18日

展覧会名  「川口奈々子個展-ドローイング・マニア」

会場     studio J

〒550-0014 大阪市西区北堀江3-12-3

T/F 06-6110-8508 mobile 080-3356-9523


studio J Exhibition Announcement




The “Nanako Kawaguchi Solo Exhibition-Drawing Maniac” will be held from March at studio J. This is Kawaguchi’s second solo exhibition at studio J following 2018.


In the previous solo exhibition, Kawaguchi created very detailed work by carving pieces of paper in a mosaic shape and layering them onto a support one by one. In contrast, for this year’s exhibition she shows artwork where her brush lightly dances on the support. The dynamism and her enjoyment in painting freely is apparent.



Although we are aware that we are in the midst of a socially unstable period of time, we look forward to your visit.



-Artist’s comment-




Drawing is a big part of my daily work. It is not an idea sketch or a mere preliminary step for a painting but rather a practice where I can confirm the point which I stand much like a compass while also integrating improvised elements. I can always only start from there and there is never an end. That is why it can be both scary and interesting. I just want to continue drawing with such feelings of thrill and excitement, just like a drawing maniac.




Dates: March 28 (Sat) to April 18 (Sat) 2020


12 pm to 6 pm (open only Wednesday to Saturday)


Artist in Gallery Dates: March 28, April 11 & 18


Exhibition:  “Nanako Kawaguchi Solo Exhibition-Drawing Mania”


Venue: studio J


〒550-0014 3-12-3 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka


Phone: 06-6110-8508   Cell: 080-3356-9523