トロフィースイッチ 1 / 2021年 / mixed media

studio J の10月からの展覧会として“池田慎個展―トロフィー”を開催いたします。






水曜-土曜 午後12時から午後6時
場所:studio J 
〒550-0014 大阪市西区北堀江3-12-3 
mobile 080-3356-9523

studio J is proud to host “Trophy”, Shin Ikeda’s Solo exhibition from October. Shin Ikeda exhibits his work widely in the Kansai region, and in recent years, has gained international exposure in France and Asia. He held a solo exhibition at Nishiwaki Okamiyama museum of art in 2019.

Ikeda’s work is characterised by its witty and humorous expression and his meticulous craftsmanship. In this exhibition, he presents reconstructions of ready-made trophies and interpretations of these trophies, using soft materials such as fabric, cotton and felt. Unlike the originals, these trophies do not stand up on their own, subverting their original meaning.

Artist’s statement

The trophy traditionally is a memorial of a victory. This might include the the wall-mounted stag’s heads that we may see in historical scenes in films. Trophies today may vary in form and material, however, they generally share a sense of superficiality. Trophies tend to be shiny and shallow. They are overly embellished. The forms of trophies, deviating from the original meaning, appear to me amusing and even charming. I’m fascinated by this.

Exhibition: Shin Ikeda Solo Exhibition-Trophy-
Dates: From Saturday, October 23rd until Saturday, November 13rd 2021.
Open Wednesday through Saturday 12-6pm
Location: studio J
3-12-3 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 〒550-0014 Cell: 080-3356-9523