Johan Peter(Jp) Hol 個展「Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave」11月9日(土)〜11月30日(土)

”Johan Peter(Jp) Hol 個展-

Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave-“

2019年11月9日(土)-30日(土)水曜から土曜 午後12時から6時


Reception : 11月9日(土)6時から8時





studio Jに於ける11月の展覧会と致しまして、”Johan Peter(Jp) Hol 個展-

Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave-“ を開催いたします。


オランダ人作家であるJp Hol は、第一回目の個展を2005年にstudio Jにて












“ Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave- 私の墓はあなたに掘ってもらいましょう”と題された今回の展覧会は、恋しさ、愛、喪失をテーマにしたインスタレーションであり、またその3つのものは同じ位大切です。


私たちは恋し、次に愛し、そして最後には失います。人は群れの中にいても、男女関係に於いても常に孤独感を感じるという矛盾した生き物です。恋しくなること、愛すること、失うことは皮膚感覚に他なりません。”私の墓はあなたに掘ってもらいましょう” は、あなたにではなく誰もが失うという苦しみを体験しなくてはならないという願いから来ています。しかし、その親密さの中にも矛盾があります。私達は愛するものを守りたいと考え、相手が苦しむよりもむしろ自分自身が苦しみを受ける事を選んでいます。













人間には、自分の環境を理解したい、そして機能している群れの中での複雑なメカニズムも理解したいと言う切実な思いがあります。多くのアーティストや科学者もするように、私も世の中を観察し秩序立てます。Seder Olam(ヘブライ語による聖書に関する記述)に基づき、世の中を秩序立てる事により、私は人生を理解し、人生の意味を知ろうとし、群れに属し、そして人生に対しての恐怖心を少しでも少なくしようとしています。

“Johan Peter (Jp) Hol Solo Exhibition -Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave-”

Exhibition Period: Sat. November 9thto Sat. 30th 2019
Gallery Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12-6pm
– Open only during the planned exhibition period
Reception: Sat. November 9th 6-8pm

studio J exhibition notice

Presenting our November exhibition “Johan Peter (Jp) Hol solo exhibition -Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave- “

Dutch artist Jp Hol held his first solo exhibition at studio J in 2005. Since then, numerous solo and group exhibitions of his have been held at our gallery and has won over deep rooted fans.


His form of expression is without boundaries and his creativity expands to a wide variety of styles such as plane surface work with drawing and painting, cut work using cardboard and in recent years even branching out to clay work which have been produced at his residence in China.

We hope you come have a look and enjoy this new exhibition which primarily highlights his installation pieces.


Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave

Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave is an installation exhibition around the theme of longing, love & loss. In equal measures.


First we long, then we love & then we lose. It explores these themes in the light of the human paradox, being lonely in the group, being lonely in relationships. Longing, loving & loosing is a sensation of the skin.


Let You Be The One That Digs My Grave is the wish that not you, but the other, will have to suffer through loss. In its intimacy it is however a paradox. Since we like to protect what we love. & rather suffer ourselves than have the other suffer.


As Kazoo Ohno states; first there is the space of the skin, second there is, equally weighted, the space under the skin. Third there is the space outside the skin. The skin itself is a transition space, that occupies one third of the three spaces of the world.


Making the skin the transitional space between longing, love & loss, by translating this into rather instrumental objects. Using the skin as a forger for intimacy.



In general on my work

My art practice & work revolves around the individual in the group & especially the human paradox. Or, in other words, the loneliness one can feel while being part of the group. The ingrained solitude of human existence.


As a concept/idea, & not a material, based artist, I express my search & thoughts on this matter in a wide range of different materials. I have a rather intuitive preference for paper, pencil, ink & oil sticks, fabric, cardboard & clay. But I do tend to stray from those. Often in combination with found &/or readymade objects that I interpret in a different way or give an alternative use.


Often (semi)religious observations trickle into my work because religious groups, like families, have defined & yet multi-interpretational loose boundaries that do shape individuals & groups & the way individuals adapt to those groups.


Humans have this profound need to understand their environment & the  rather complex mechanisms of the group(s) they function in. As many other artists -& scientists for that matter- I observe & order the world. By ordering the world (very loosely based on the Seder Olam), I try to understand & to make sense out of life & being in a group & by that making it altogether a tat less fearsome.